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Lodestar Gardens Learning Center is an off-grid, demonstration site, small-scale farm operation and school located in the Concho-Vernon area operated by Clark and Barbara Hockabout since 2000, growing food for our communities since 2004.

Contact Information: (928) 587-1405 | carpediem@lodestargardens.com | LodestarGardens.com | Facebook: Lodestar Self Care Center            Lodestar Gardens Learning Center

Our mission is to provide educational opportunities for members of our communities in our area of central Apache and Navajo Counties. Our focus is to facilitate opportunities that will strengthen the health and communication within and between our local communities.

How we achieve our mission: We provide chemical-free produce to our communities in our markets year round. We conduct and host workshops on increasing capacity for greater self-reliance in health and food production and for this, we gratefully draw on the wealth of local wisdom that abounds within our surrounding communities. We publish an email newsletter, the contents of which support our mission. We share our progress in monthly articles in the MAVERICK magazine. We offer free tours of our farm and gladly share our experience in developing an operation based on permaculture principles and biodynamic practices over the past 19 years. We offer free consultations for anyone who is looking to create a food village in their immediate area.

Here’s our family & current focus: