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Goat Talk #3: Choosing Your Goats

PART 3 IN A 6 PART SERIES We believe that goats make a greater contribution to creating a sustainable homestead for our kind of land and soil than any other animal. If you are still thinking about raising goats, even after learning how much time and work is involved, we would LOVE to help you. Selecting the breed of goats you want depends on your Read More →

On the Farm: Goat Talk 2 -MILKING: the real story

Goat Talk – Part 2 – MILKING: The Real Story   Clark is the goat guy at our farm. He does the milking and teaches our farm hands and interns how to milk goats. It is a ritual he loves. For many people, milking a goat in the morning and then again, the same day 12 hours later every day, no exceptions, is too much Read More →

On the Farm: Goat Talk

ON THE FARM Goat Talk  –  Part 1 Goat care and dairy production are the most time-consuming activities on our farm. We didn’t realize when we started just how much they would impact our lives. Is it worth it? As sustainability (or as we prefer to call it these days–subsistence living–meaning, no waste) is our primary goal, yes, it is worth it for us. In Read More →

What’s Up @ Lodestar for 2019?

Expanding the scope of our knowledge and experience, our Lodestar compass is recalibrating a new direction for 2019. Our mission remains the same: Provide information, coaching, and an environment that will assist members of our community in living a more self-resilient, self-fulfilling lifestyle through agriculture, art, and health. The exciting part is that we are concentrating on two new arenas in order to achieve our Read More →

Lodestar @ Markets Sept 26 & 27

Autumn Beauty 2014 Culminating our all too short outside growing season, we say good-bye while we plant for the fall and the winter seasons. As our outside gardens prepare to rest for the winter season, Lodestar staff prepare our inside gardens for fall and winter harvest. We look forward to serving you fresh, chemical-free produce year round @ Cafe Bocado. Our last Show Low Farmers Read More →

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