Student Odyssey @ Lodestar in PEN & PLOW Art-Ag Immersion Program

For information about school tours, workshops & classes for the 2014-2015 school year, contact Barbara: (928)587-1660.

Make an appointment for a preview visit. Design curriculum options to fit your classroom needs. Home school-ers welcome.

We can teach units or supplement curriculum.  We have certified teachers on staff (see instructor’s bio below). We offer relevant enrichment and hands-on activities to your existing curriculum in the areas of agricultural science & art activities which compliment Arizona State Educational Department standards.

Topics for units we can teach

SOIL SYSTEMS: soil building, composting, vermaculture, fertilizing & soil amendments, soil testing, seed-to-seed, greenhouse growing.

WATER SYSTEMS: fertigation, aquaculture strategies, water samples.

SOLAR SYSTEMS: solar energy, solar cooking, solar drying.

GARDENING: harvesting, processing, and preparing garden bounty for meals or markets, opening, maintaining, and closing a garden–seasonal activities, planting and transplanting, seed wisdom.

PERMACULTURE Design Principles.

ART PROJECTS: ceramics–hand built & wheel, plant paintings and rubs, photography, nature-inspired poetry and narrative.

SMALL ANIMAL HUSBANDRY–chickens, ducks & goats.


INSTRUCTORS @ Lodestar Gardens Learning Center 2014-2015

Barbara100_2799 Hockabout holds a BA from University of California, Berkeley, as well as a California Secondary Teacher Credential from that same institution. She holds an MA from Gonzaga University in Spokane, Washington. In May 2010, Barbara retired from 33-year public teaching career during which she worked with junior high to college students teaching literature, history and humanities. Barbara obtained her Masters Degree in Sustainable Communities from Northern Arizona University in May 2012. She is a permaculture designer, Master Gardener of Coconino County, one of the first recipients of the Arizona Association of Environmental Education (AAEE) certificate, and holds current Arizona and Washington State secondary education and community college teaching certificates. Barbara comes from a family of teachers and intends to practice the art of teaching and writing for the rest of her life as they feed her soul most.

Teaching is Sharing Experience

Clark Hockabout is a practitioner of ceramic arts and the researcher, engineer, and mechanic of the team who makes the Lodestar clockworks move forward through projects–wind generation, alternative building design, irrigation/fertigation, aquaculture, rain water catchment, small-scale ethanol production, experiments in soil building, developing feed crops, ancient grains, and sprouting operations. He is also lead small animal caretaker for the Lodestar family of goats, chickens, and ducks. Clark’s lifetime interest in alternative medicine also motivates his interest in medicinal native plants.


Ra is a ceramics instructor at Northland Pioneer College and at the Lodestar Gardens Learning Center for students of any entry skill level. While he attended a cultural anthropology program, Ra apprenticed under master potter, Gurujan Singh in Laguna Beach, California. During that time, he instructed ceramics for the experimental college at the University of California at Irvine. Ra has traveled to Central America and studied Mayan art and culture. A professional studio potter for over twenty years, some of Ra’s other interests are yoga and folk music. He believes that various art forms inform and inspire each other, so he encourages students to bring their instruments when they come to the area. Ra designed and constructed the Lodestar Gardens Ceramic Studio and offers classes year round.

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