2017 Winter Market Preview – March 11

Our very own Clark Hockabout will be the featured noontime presenter at the Winter Farmers’ Market this Saturday (March 11) at Lodestar Gardens. The market starts at 11 a.m., with Clark’s presentation beginning at 12 noon.

Clark will cover some fundamental principles of green house building and growing. He will take you on a tour of our hoop house, green house, and a high tunnel, so that you will be more inspired to ask questions and see systems in action. These three buildings allow us to grow food year round, and can be found (and constructed) in a very wide range of sizes and prices.

Please call (928) 587-1660 or e-mail bhockabout@gmail.com for a map and directions if you haven’t made a visit to Lodestar.

Enjoy free space for vendors, free hot beverages, free farm tours, and delicious homemade lunch for just $2 (soup, salad and Clark’s ancient grain bread).

Similar to last weekend, our bags of greens are starting to shift in their contents as the fall plantings are exhausted and recent transplants begin to mature. Our 1/2 lb. bag of greens ($3) will feature more Swiss Chard and Kale, along with some Plato Romaine and Joi Choi, among others. We have fresh carrots ($3/lb.), both stored and fresh beets and rutabagas ($3/lb.), dried lavender ($2), fennel seeds ($1), parsley ($1) and our homemade, 8oz. jars of pesto (walnut $8, pine nut $10, non-dairy $12). All of our packaging is eco-friendly made of cellulous, reusable, recyclable (and compostable) bags.

As for crafts, Donna Daniel’s wonderful, handmade fiber arts will be available in a variety of sizes and prices, along with Monte Cunningham’s accupressure treatment tools and several other products from local artist and vendors.

Also for sale will be goat’s milk soap from Misty Mountain Milkers ($6/bar), a variety of soaps from Flagstaff Soap and some wonderful handmade chalkboards (crafted out of recycled cabinets) by Bernie!

See you on Saturday!

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