2017 Winter Market Preview – March 18

If you’ve ever wondered about straw bale gardening, then this is the weekend to come to Lodestar Gardens Learning Center. Our Winter Farmers’ Market on Saturday, March 18, will feature Lynne and Ben Foose – Concho residents and straw bale gardeners as the noontime presenters. The market starts at 11 a.m., with Lynne and Ben presenting at 12 noon.

Please call (928) 587-1660 or e-mail bhockabout@gmail.com for a map and directions if you haven’t made a visit to Lodestar.

Many people have asked us about how to grow in straw bales and we set out to find some local in-the-bale practitioners. This year we found them in our own backyard with Lynne and Ben.

Straw bale gardening is a different type of container gardening. The difference is that the container is actually the straw bale itself, held together with two or three strings, the outside crust of the bale serves as the container. Once the straw inside the bale begins to decompose, the straw becomes “conditioned” and ready to plant. The step-by-step process of conditioning creates an extraordinarily productive, warm, moist and nutrient rich rooting environment for young seedlings.

As always, this Saturday enjoy free space for vendors, free hot beverages, free farm tours, and delicious homemade lunch for just $2 (soup, salad and Clark’s ancient grain bread).

Starting this Saturday, we invite everyone to bring their surplus plant starts to swap or sell with other growers. At Lodestar will have the following starts to share: Lettuce (three varieties: romaine, batavian, fire), beets (two varieties: Detroit Red, Bulls Blood), turnips (Golden Ball, Purple Top), spider plants (good air purifier) and Aloe Vera (good medicinal plant every kitchen should have one in case of burns).

We will have our Asian Greens packages for sale ($3 for 1/2 lb; $6 for 1 lb.), as well as Kale and Swiss Chard. We have carrots ($3/lb.), both stored and fresh beets and rutabagas ($3/lb.), dried lavender ($2), fennel seeds ($1), parsley ($1) and our homemade, 8oz. jars of pesto (walnut $8, pine nut $10, non-dairy $12). All of our packaging is eco-friendly made of cellulous, reusable, recyclable (and compostable) bags.

Donna Daniel’s wonderful, handmade fiber arts will be available in a variety of sizes and prices, along with Monte Cunningham’s accupressure treatment tools and several other products from local artist and vendors.

Also for sale will be goat’s milk soap from Misty Mountain Milkers ($6/bar or 2 for $10), a variety of soaps from Flagstaff Soap ($6/bar or 2 for $10) and some wonderful handmade chalkboards (crafted out of recycled cabinets) by Bernie!

See you on Saturday!

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  1. I wish. Knew about this earlier so I could have attended. Is there a way to sign up for advanced notices?

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