What’s Up @ Lodestar for 2019?

Expanding the scope of our knowledge and experience, our Lodestar compass is recalibrating a new direction for 2019. Our mission remains the same: Provide information, coaching, and an environment that will assist members of our community in living a more self-resilient, self-fulfilling lifestyle through agriculture, art, and health. The exciting part is that we are concentrating on two new arenas in order to achieve our mission:  (1) biodynamic farming and (2) self-care facilities.

How can this help serve you? Read on for more details.

Clark & Barbara Hockabout
food producers in Apache County since 2004

Re Focus #1
How We Grow Food
After 18 years of experimenting with conventional agriculture and permaculture techniques in the White Mountains region, we are implementing biodynamic growing principles in the upcoming year. We are inspired to experiment with this agricultural philosophy and practice, in part, because of the changing climate patterns and recent challenges to our environment. This method will require more of our time to study, research, and apply this rigorous system. Therefore, Lodestar Gardens Learning Center will be narrowing activities to this end, leaving off, for the year 2019 anyway, our winter farmers market and limiting the our number of winter workshops and classes. We are NOT stepping back from our commitment to serve food to our community or provide educational offerings; we are simply refocusing our curriculum and adapting our schedules to accommodate this biodynamic approach. In the upcoming year we will be working with the Biodynamic Association and other Biodynamic farms in our country and in other parts of the world. While Biodynamic Farms are not common in this region of the country, we have faith that Biodynamic Farming will enhance the health of our gardens and increase yields.

Growing Food for our Community. This year we will sell our fresh Nubian goat milk to the Awesome Hay Sales & Pet Food Warehouse 2001 E. Deuce of Clubs, Show Low, AZ  (928)537-8814. You know that fresh goat milk is “not fit for human consumption; for animal use only” according to state and federal laws. We will sell our fresh, naturally grown produce year-round at The Stanford General Store at the “Y” – 4 Apache County Rd #8235, Concho, AZ (just 5 miles from our farm). Owners, Kate and Jon Dahl, deeply committed to give-back to-their community spirit, also provide a kiosk for Lodestar to make local fresh food available May – Oct.

This will be our 5th year working with the Lodestar Grassroots Food Co-Op here on our farm. Our 5-family, labor-for-harvest, no-fee Co-Op produces food year round in our high tunnel and outside gardens. Presently, Co-Op members are grooming their second successive winter planting.


 Refocus #2
Self-Care Opportunities

One of Lodestar’s primary missions is to offer community members viable and effective strategies for self-reliant health and healing. After five years of hosting workshops and classes, we have had the pleasure of meeting many local health care experts. Our second new focus for the upcoming year, is to provide a venue for local healers and their patients by managing the Dr. Donald Blanchette Self-Care Center. We will be working directly with healers, body workers, and energy workers in our region to provide a special place for certain types of healing requirements.

Local healers and practitioners such as Dr. Harold Itokazu, acupuncturist and neurofeedback expert living in Concho, meet patients at the Center on a weekly basis. Melissa Paul, massage therapist and bodyworker resident of Concho, will conduct body massage workshops and classes at the Center starting with “How to Give Effective Seated Massage” (Feb 16). Local energy worker, Sandee Mac, will hold classes on various topics in the spring starting with her “Let’s Clear Those Allergies” class (Feb 24th).

You, too, can book some time at the Center for your own personal healing and reflection time–great space for people who need a clean, serene, private space surrounded by inspiring views and

For more detailed information about workshops, classes, and reserving the Self Care Center contact us directly: (928) 587-1660 or email lodestargardens@lodestargardens.com. Sign up for our newsletter LODESTAR HAPPENINGS!

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