Off Grid Healing Seminar #3: Medicinal Herbs / Body Care

OFF GRID Healing Seminar #3

Danielle Nelson & Jennifer Dailey
This team of herb experts is committed to offering fundamental nature remedies to our area. They continue to research, collect native plants and use them to develop remedies in their new product line. Danielle Nelson, a resident of Snowflake for more than two decades, and Jennifer Dailey, resident of Concho, made their first presentation together at Lodestar three years ago and have been speaking to local groups and growing their product line ever since. Join us for both or either of their two Seminar workshops.
Friday, August 16th   5:30-8:00 pm
Everyday Herbalism
This class will go over the daily practice of including simples (single herbs) and herbal blends into your daily regimen and why it is important to develop routine and consistency in your life. Tea drinking and the practice of calm, Herbs as food for long term consumption, Bitters are Better because…, and more! Class includes a booklet handout.
Sunday, Aug 18th  12:30-2:30 pm
Damage Control
Now that we have discussed the why of using herbs every day in some way, we structured this class to cover the plants that come to our aid when maintenance just isn’t enough, or the times when we need the “heavyweights” of the plant kingdom for colds, illness, imbalances and and other diseases that tear us down. The power of tinctures, Antibacterial salve, Strong herbs for short term use, and more! Class includes a booklet handout.

Melinda Paul
Saturday, Aug 18th 9:00 – 11:00 am
Seated Massage: Simple, Effective Relief
The beauty of learning how to give a seated massage is how easy it can be done and how effective it is to relieve stiff and hurting bodies–an armless chair, a pillow, and some basic training are all you need. Melinda Paul understands the impact our stressful world and physical labor can have on our general well being. Participants will practice basic massage techniques during the workshop and receive handouts to take home.

Leslie Kelley-Hardee, RN
Saturday, Aug 17th  11:00-12:45 pm
Essential Medical Supplies
for the Home

I am Leslie Kelley-Hardee RN; wife, mother, and member of a rural community. I spend most of my free time hiking, backpacking, rafting, rock hunting, mushroom foraging, chasing waterfalls and hot springs. All of these things inspire me to continue researching and learning allopathic and naturopathic medicines to improve my life and the lives of others.

If you’re a homesteader or live in a rural community, you’ll want to be ready for any eventuality. In a remote location, the importance of self-reliance can’t be overemphasized; injuries and illness can happen at any time.  Medical strategies abound for these mostly short term scenarios that are both reasonable and effective. I will walk you through medical necessities and interventions that every home should have in place in order to feel prepared and self-reliant.

Lauren Barnert-Hosie
Saturday, Aug 17th  1:30 – 3:30 pm
Connecting to the deeper wisdom of the body

Lauren Barnert-Hosie, Iyengar Certified instructor, owner of Open Spaces Yoga Center in Lakeside, AZ, has been teaching yoga 30+ years. After a 3 year intensive course in Iyengar Yoga Therapeutics, she is now certified with the International Association of Yoga Therapists.
Lauren individualizes the poses for students so they can enter the poses in such a way that they benefit more deeply and evolve their practice. Lauren’s emphasis on awakening awareness in every aspect of the practice (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual), helps her students to become “self-directed” in their practice and life goals.

When we learn to practice from the inner awareness of the body and connect to the muscles, bones, soft tissues and energetic movements in the body, our practice evolves and we evolve to higher states of being. Learn to practice yoga-asanas (exercises) & pranayama (breath work) to develop all your body’s systems in a balanced manner.  Learn through guided, supported practice with careful attention to the 5 yogic layers of the body, penetrating from the periphery to the core. No experience necessary. Poses will be modified for each individual’s attainment of the pose.
IF YOU HAVE – Please bring a yoga mat; blocks; blankets/quilts (that are firm & can be folded evenly).

Kimmie Thorne
Saturday, Aug 17th 3:45 – 5:00 pm
Exercises in the WIld: Build Your Body While You Build Your Home
Kimmie Thorne is an online wellness and lifestyle coach, motivational speaker and fitness author. Mother of 3, grandmother of 2, she’s a  former figure and bodybuilder competitor.  Kimmie is also a national ranked powerlifter and took home the gold medal at the 2016 Arizona Senior Olympics in Powerlifting.

Kimmie Thorne will discuss “Functional Fitness”–an approach that connects “fitness” to real-life function.  Whether you are building a homestead, planning to eventually live off the grid, or just working your own garden or property in the city, you’ll need the strength and endurance that supports the necessary physical labor.  Come learn the exercises and the skills that you can do out “in the wild”, functional exercises that will build endurance, strength (mental and physical), and the stamina to finish your dream.

Maral Salerno
Sunday, Aug 18th
10:00 am – 12:00 pm
Gut Health
Maral Salerno is a Mother of two, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN-P), Owner of Reclaim Optimal Health, Anusara Certified Teacher, AcroYoga Teacher, and Thai Massage Therapist. “My mission is to share with others how to allow our natural design to flourish and be free of all health issues, big or small. To utilize ancient remedies, modern technology, and behaviors that bring our bodies, minds, and our Spirits into optimal alignment and health. I want to be the last person people need to see in order to reclaim their health and their lives!”

Gut Health: Learn what can trigger its downfall, and how to naturally and effectively rebuild your gut to peak performance at any age. Got leaky gut, a bloated gut, constipation, diarrhea, skin issues, sluggish, sleep issues, digestive disorders, weight issues, depression, anxiety, or mysterious symptoms? Come and transform your health by understanding how your gut functions, triggers that contribute to the decline of health throughout the entire body and mind. Then learn effective behaviors and strategies to implement into your daily life that will allow you to reclaim optimal health.

More About the Seminar . . .
***Campers welcome to stay free on Lodestar property. Must complete sign-up for a campsite by Tuesday, August 13th
***Display space for body care wares, products, and information during the event for free, if you attend one or more of the workshops.
***Register for any workshop – suggested donation of $20/workshop (sliding scale fees available and come with another person for a discount of $30/couple an save $10).
***Also available is a 3-day pass for 7 workshops!!! for a discount of $90 and save $50. Register for a 3-day pass by 5:00 pm, Thursday, August 15th
***Healthy Meals: $3 breakfast/$4 lunch/$8 dinner. Meatless and Gluten-Free options available.
***To register or obtain directions to Lodestar call (928) 587-1660 or email:

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