Dr. Donald Blanchette Self Care Center @ LODESTAR

~ The Dr. Donald Blanchette Self-Care Center ~



In an age when the medical world is confronted with a groundswell of new health consciousness, there are a growing number of options to promote self-care. There is also a much greater respect for Hippocrate’s premise: The natural forces within us are the true healers of disease. We are now more empowered with the confidence to heal ourselves and find healers who will assist us in healing ourselves. The Dr. Donald Blanchette Self-Care Center is designed to address the need for a safe, nurturing, affordable environment in the self-care and healing process. In addition to serving as a space for regeneration and recalibration, the Center is also designed to offer a venue for creative, reflective, and artistic pursuits. Healing and creativity–for those two purposes—this Center was created.


History of the Center:

The Center was built in 2013 as a second home, but was not lived in full-time until 2017, when Donald Blanchette purchased the home, using it a full year in order to achieve his own personal healing. His wish is to share this setting with others in our community. The energy in this Center and on this 10-acre property has been cleared and recalibrated to enhance the healing intention. It is now under the auspices of Clark and Barbara Hockabout and the Lodestar Gardens Learning Center.


Who might benefit from staying at the Center?

A patient requires sustained healing time in a safe and beautiful setting.

A patient requires sustained healing time and fresh, chemical-free food.

A health practitioner wishes to conduct a class, workshop or meeting in a low-distraction environment (minimum noise, light, and electromagnetic distractions).

A person wishes to spend quality, uninterrupted time with another.

A writer wants to work on a project in a serene setting over a sustained and uninterrupted period of time.

A photographer wants to work on a project and explore the surrounding countryside capturing the local wildlife & many scenic views.

A health care practitioner needs to practice what she/he prescribes to others—regeneration, recalibration, self-care—and requests time at the Center (30% discount for healers).


Features of the Center:

  • A self-contained, fully-furnished, 2-bedroom, 2-bath domicile with handicap accessible front door entrance and shower facilities. The configuration of the home accommodates a transit chair, if necessary.
  • Washer & dryer available.
  • Wood stove and gas-heater back up.
  • Bedding sheets and blankets provided.
  • The Center is electronic frequency-free, off-grid, extremely quiet but for nature sounds.
  • The Center is safely enclosed with two security doors and optional night time outdoor lighting.
  • Two porches at the front and back entrances of the Center facilitate great sunrise and sunset views.
  • A space has been set aside for an indoor meditation area.
  • Equipment on site: inversion table, Vibra Fit, massage table, small trampoline, small weights, medicine balls, stretching mats, cassette and CD/DVD player with monitor, binoculars, kitchen blender for juicing
  • An extra bed (futon) is available to accommodate a visitor who is assisting the resident.
  • The Center has a library of self-care and literature books available to residents during their stay.
  • Residents at the Dr. Don Center will have the option of using some of the Lodestar facilities such as access to ceramic studio, labyrinths, pond-side benches, gardens and food from the gardens and greenhouses.
  • Residents may walk on the Center property (10 acres) or walk on designated trails on the Lodestar Gardens property.
  • On call 24/7 assistance available – 10 minutes away.


Rental Costs: Listed costs are recommended, but sliding scale fee cost can be arranged

14 days            $350 (additional cost for prepared food)

1 month            $750 (additional cost for prepared food)

daily events      $50 or 10% profits

healer’s cost     -30% discount

garden fresh food per event day (breakfast, light lunch, dinner) $20/person

garden fresh food per event day (breakfast & light lunch) $10/person

Sliding scale fees can be arranged – case by case basis


check out Home Page “What’s New @ Lodestar” page and Lodestar Self Care on Face Book


Workshops and Activities Scheduled for MARCH at the Self Care Center



Melinda Paul, Healing Arts Practitioner, Massage Therapist & Teacher, Concho area resident

March 23, 30 ; April  6, 13; May 4  – 10 a.m.- 2 p.m.

Self Care Center @ Lodestar

5 sessions – FULL BODY Massage  – Presenter: Melinda Paul

Learn how to decompress, strengthen, and heal the whole body.
Class limited to 10 participants – register by March 21st – 5:00 pm
$10/session (participants must commit to at least 3 sessions)
You won’t get a more comprehensive training for so little cost.
Melinda demonstrates her commitment to contribute to members in our local communities.
She believes in the possibility and power of self care.

Lodestar Garden Lunch available $3

Register by March 21st – the Spring Equinox! Start your season with a new relaxed body!

About the Workshop Presenter

Melinda Paul is an ordained minister and has been a healing arts practitioner for the last 27 years. After receiving her massage therapy training, Melinda embraced Zero Balancing (ZB) as her primary healing modality. She has also studied Visionary Cranio Sacral work and has been immersed in Native American healing and spiritual teachings for 20+ years. Melinda had a private bodywork practice for 20 years and provided massage therapy and ZB at the Health Center at the University of MD for 7 years. Melinda has taught massage and has mentored ZB students through certification. One her most significant discoveries when she began her massage and bodywork studies is the importance of conscious, compassionate touch. This was a life-changing realization and informs her walk in each moment. Melinda looks forward to sharing her wisdom and discoveries in this workshop.


Sandee Mac, international speaker, dowser, energy worker, Concho area resident


March 24th  noon – 3:00 pm

Let’s Clear Those Allergies!  –  Presenter: Sandee Mac

Did you know your body can have allergies to gold that actually affects your finances? It can be allergic to body organs, certain people, even things like colors or success or elements…..actually to anything!

In this delightful mini-workshop we will learn a remarkably simple yet very powerful technique to dowse, identify, and clear our allergies. We will work on those sneezes from dogs, cats, intimacy, good health and anything else “bugging” you.

People will gain a new skill, and allergies may be eliminated, pain reduced, obstacles overcome, and many other benefits in overcoming allergy responses. Handouts will be provided, so you can help clear and support others around you as well. You will learn a great new dowsing & healing tool to add to your tool chest…. fun & easy…don’t miss it!


Suggested donation: $20/workshop  ~  Lodestar lunch available $3/participant

About the Workshop Presenter:

I am a deeply spiritual person and I believe in infinite possibilities. I believe that we have great potential and can have a powerful influence over our lives. I have always wanted to do work in the way that Jesus did, to be able to “speak the word” and help heal and change people’s lives. He, after all, said we could do the same as he did and more, didn’t he? It is really that simple! Every day, I am seeing proof of this, that we can make profound changes, whether you want to improve your health, your wealth or your happiness. Sandee Mac’s website is: sandeemac.com she can be contacted via email at sandeemac100@gmail.com.





Harold Itokazu, now holds clinic hours at the Self-Care Center

 WELCOME Dr. Harold Itokazu, Jr.  DDL, L Ac, ICP

Acupuncture, Neurofeedback, And, More. We Are Pleased and Delighted To Announce, The Arizona Aupuncture & Neurofeedback Clinic at the Dr. Donald Blanchette Self-Care Center!

In an effort to make our services more accessible to our Community, we will now be offering treatments at the Dr. Don Blanchette SELF CARE CENTER at Lodestar in Concho!

  • Services will be offered on a sliding scale
  • Scheduled appointments are necessary
  • Open to Everyone

If you are looking for and seeking natural healing and relief from:

  • Pain,
  • Trauma,
  • Stress,
  • Disease, or,
  • Other things that ail you or negatively affect your health…

You might want to consider, or perhaps, re-consider, Acupuncture and/or Neurofeedback.

To learn more about AANC, and Harold, please, visit our website at: hiacupucture.com

Or, call Harold for more info or an appointment, at: 928-331-0007