Lodestar Gardens Update 2024

Lodestar Gardens Update 2024 – Growing Sustainability into a Regenerative Lifestyle

We love that this is the Chinese Year of the Wooden Dragon. The totem/metaphor is so appropriate for our times and challenges – wood holds the Earth wisdom and dragon embodies passion and power. What better combination of attributes for these times as a new set of external challenges are fast approaching. The past two years offered us the opportunity to  remind ourselves that we are, indeed, innately free of limitation and boundlessly creative and capable.

We agree with others in the homestead building community that the concept of sustainability no longer represents what we require today in order to live in our new social context. Yes,  much has become disclosed over the past couple of years. We now recognize that not only has the term sustainability been co-opted and corrupted by exploiting interests, but we have also realistically outgrown the notion of living simply, accountably, and independently without waste. The concept of sustainability is now not enough in and of itself.  Neither is the term self-reliant. We appreciate why the adjective regenerative is more appropriate for our current times. To return to basic principles like growing our own nourishing food and collaborating and supporting community with the intent to reinvigorate, revitalize, renew these principles is our new thrust.

Reinvigorate, revitalize, and renew are the verbs we wish to practice after the last two years of being tested by external intimidation. Instead of the popular reaction to hunker down, close our gates, and succumb to the idea we must defend ourselves and our families, Lodestar Gardens chooses to practice regenerative agriculture, establish regenerative relationships with other members of our community by creating new collaborations and systems based on agreements instead of contracts. Of course, we admit that as we have been developing our homestead for the past quarter of a century, and that regeneration is especially timely for us as we now spend much time repairing, replacing, and reinventing new approaches to simple sustainable practices. Like Wooden Dragons, we relish the challenge.

We are keenly aware that words, terms, and concepts are only part of the THOUGHT-FEELING-ACTION equation. Once we articulate our goals, we need to step up and put them into practice.

Are you interested in experiencing the transition from sustainability to regeneration with us? If so, stay tuned and abreast of our offerings. We look forward to connecting with you.