A Unique Experience in Living the Good Life


Lodestar Learning Center


An Entirely Unique Experience in Living the Good Life

 “Wherein lies the goodness?” – Aldo Leopold

The Lodestar Gardens Learning Center is comprised of aspiring and practicing artists and farmers who seek a balanced, fulfilled life through (1) art and creative self-expression and (2) by cultivating a responsible relationship with nature and Her capacity to feed us.

We agree that our individual contributions to society are enhanced through the experience of collaboration in hands-on, student-centered, project-based learning. Together we explore high-desert agricultural practices, application of permaculture principles, alternative energy production, and the inspirational power of this place in the White Mountains region of the Southwest. Individually, we regularly practice our arts in time devoted to reflection, studio work, and research in our project area.

Our curriculum is taught by credentialed and experienced instructors, as well as a host of guest speakers – artists and local food producers. In order to deepen our appreciation of place, we travel frequently to interesting sites, attend workshops and local community events such as farmers markets and art exhibits.

Over the course of seven months, student residents have the opportunity to experience three garden seasons and associated activities as well as develop  relationships with other members of our village in a stimulating, drug-free, nature-reverent environment.

We invite you to consider joining us!  Visit the Application page for further instructions, OR

Contact us at: lodestarlearningcenter@lodestargardens.com

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