Building An Automatic ReCirculating Sprouting System

Fodder Sprouting

Building An Automatic ReCirculating Sprouting System

Feeding goats, chickens, and ducks sprouted barley is the goal. Why? Sprouted organic barley is a highly nutritious feeding supplement. We can grow our own chemical-free barley for the seed for this operation, thereby closing one more sustainable loop and reducing our traditional feed bill as well. Our animals love to eat sprouts; they are happier. We have great luck growing our wheat grass (in organic soil) and sell it to a local restaurant, but we have yet to perfect an efficient recirculating fodder sprouting system. We have experienced the pitfalls of mold growth (a drainage issue), but we are refining our system to create wholesome food. The next approach is to build a dedicated sprouting room wherein temperature and cleanliness can be more successfully monitored.

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