World Wide Opportunities On Organic Farms (WWOOF) and Lodestar Gardens: Our WWOOFer Philosophy

Lodestar Gardens invites volunteers whose objectives are to:

  1. learn new growing techniques and sustainable lifestyle practices
  2. assist us in developing our projects and
  3. share in a cultural exchange of ideas, practices and experiences.


Door at the End of the Rainbow

Length of Stay

Because we hold these values, we expect our volunteers to stay a minimum of ten days. This is the least amount of time necessary to establish an exchange consistent with our WWOOF philosophy.



We adhere to the guidelines set by the WWOOF organization that volunteers should expect to work 5-6 hours/day.

In some cases, volunteers will accompany us to the local farmers’ markets and assist in selling our produce.


WWOOFer Rachel planting peas

WWOOFer Rachel, planting peas in the hoop house (March 2010)


Unfortunately, we cannot allow pets, but we do have an assortment of cats, dogs and chickens here which you may befriend during your stay.  For example:

'You're blocking the sunlight...'

“You’re in our sunlight…”


Amos calls the boy's club to order

Amos calls the boy’s club to order

Being excellent to one another


Depending on the number of volunteers and the weather conditions, volunteers will either have small bedroom areas with bathroom and kitchen facilities, or tent areas with access to portable toilets during the day in addition to shower facilities at the end of each day.


You will be fed three healthy, fresh and delicious meals a day, meals most often created from food volunteers have worked to get to table. Volunteers must describe any special diet considerations or any extenuating health conditions in the initial communication. Meals are served at designated times only.


Because of our belief in the benefits of time allotted for solitude, reflection and meditation, we encourage our volunteers to be very respectful of the silence which fosters such activities.


We live in an area close to the extensive Sitgreaves National Forest which follows the Mogollon Rim.  It’s ideal country for hiking, photography, bird watching, geocaching, rockhounding. . .and probably a few things we haven’t heard of yet.

We have a workout room that will be open a few hours a day.

There is computer access at Lodestar Gardens.  A computer for email purposes is available for a limited time period each day.


We have a substantial library from which you can borrow books during your stay.

If you are interested in WWOOFing at Lodestar Gardens, please feel free to contact us.

2 Thoughts on “WWOOFing

  1. Elizabeth on March 13, 2012 at 2:45 pm said:

    I am part of a neighbor group call SIS, which is Sassy Independent Sisters. Most of us are off grid and live outside of old Concho area. I would like to set up a tour as a field trip for our group of about 12-14 women.

    Please let me know if this is possible.

    Thank you for your cooperation.


  2. Jamie Teatsworth on March 16, 2012 at 1:27 pm said:

    Thank you so much for allowing my son Zach, and his friends Solomon and Alex to stay at your farm. He said he had a great experience and that you guys are the best, nicest, most awesome people he has ever met and he cannot wait to get back to the farm. I am so thankful that he found such an awesome place and had such a great experience! Thanks for taking them in! They look forward to coming back really soon! It looks like I amy have lost my boy to Arizona!


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